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About the Artists and Designers

Anne Stokes

Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker is a successful freelance artist. Originally a wildlife artist, Lisa uses her exceptional talent, alongside her fascination for witchcraft and fantasy to create beautiful, unique designs, which she sells worldwide. Lisa has been delighting her collectors for almost 20 years with her artwork which can now be purchased and a vast range of gifts. Lisa is known in particular for her black cat art and "The witching hour"

Anne is originally from London but now lives in the north of England. She lives near Leeds with her son Leo and partner John. She started her art career as a merchandise designer, designing tour products for bands including Queen and the Rolling Stones. Anne also worked as a jewellery designer and sculptor.She then became a full time freelance illustrator where she worked on a number of book, game and record products, which included producing concept art and illustrations, Her work is now licenced by her and is featured on many items all over the world. She continues to produce new work and has written several books

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